Lesbian Erotica Story

Lesbian Erotica Story

Lindsay had recently moved to the bustling city of Nashville. For her, this wasn’t just about living in a new place; it was like opening a new book where she was both the writer and the main character. No one could tell her what to do, and she was excited about it.

Along with her new life, she had a good job, a shiny new car, and a snug apartment that had her favorite thing in the world – a fridge always stocked with wine. Even though everything was going her way, her heart always thought about her two children: Benjamin, who she liked to call Benny, and Molly. Benny was 11 years old and Molly was 8. The children lived with their dad, Lindsay’s ex-husband, in their old home in Missouri.

The decision to let her kids stay with their dad wasn’t easy for Lindsay. They had their school and friends in Missouri, and she didn’t want to disrupt their lives for her new adventure. She knew that her ex-husband, despite their differences, was a good father. It wasn’t always easy between them. She once believed she could change the parts of him she didn’t like, but she soon realized everyone has their own path in life.

On this particular day, after coming home from work, Lindsay placed her handbag and phone on a small table near her door. She let out a sigh of relief as she took off her heels. She quickly went to her bedroom, passing by the little kitchen. She then made her way to the bathroom.

Lindsay looked at herself in the mirror. She was proud of how fit she was at 34, thanks to her daily swimming routine at the nearby YMCA. Her long, shiny black hair and deep brown eyes were some of her favorite features. She noticed that she got a lot of attention when she was out and about, even though she rarely thought of herself as anything special.

She loved taking long, hot showers after a busy day at work. It was her time to relax and just be herself. As the water ran down, she started thinking about her life after the divorce. She remembered how she had tried different beauty treatments and styles she’d never thought of before. She felt free to express herself in new ways, no longer needing to consider her ex-husband’s opinions.

After her shower, Lindsay wrapped herself in a soft, red towel. She spent a few moments in front of the mirror, admiring her reflection and thinking about her day. Soon after, she pulled on a comfy dark-green robe and started checking her messages.

She saw a message from her ex-husband, Greg. They usually talked daily, mostly about the kids. She messaged him, “Hey Greg. How’s Benny and Molly doing?”

His reply was quick, “Hey, they’re good. Benny tried climbing a rope in gym class today and got a rope burn. He’s good at going up but needs a bit more practice coming down.”

Lindsay chuckled, imagining Benny’s adventure. “That sounds just like Benny! Do remind them I love them a lot. Can’t wait to meet them soon.”

Lesbian Erotica Story

Lesbian Erotica Story

“Sure thing,” Greg replied.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. Lindsay wasn’t expecting anyone, so she was a bit surprised. “Who could that be?” she wondered aloud. Another knock. “Coming!” she shouted.

As she opened the door, she saw Mikayla Van Wyck, her young college-aged neighbor, standing there looking a bit worried.

“Hi Mikayla,” Lindsay greeted, “What’s up?”

Mikayla glanced at Lindsay’s robe and asked, “Did I interrupt something?”

Lindsay laughed a little, “No, no, just had a shower. You’re good. What brings you here?”

Mikayla looked a bit stressed. “Oh, Lindsay, I’m in a bit of a tough situation. Can I talk to you?”

Mikayla had a tough day. She’d gone for a long jog around the neighborhood to clear her head, but when she came back, she found out she’d locked herself out of her apartment. Her roommate, Ashley, wouldn’t be home until really late because she was working. And to make things even worse, the building’s manager, whom everyone called the ‘super’, wasn’t answering his phone. With a groan, Mikayla thought, “What else could go wrong today?”

She decided to knock on Lindsay’s door. Lindsay was their friendly neighbor who lived right across the hall. They’d shared many small chats, and Mikayla remembered how Lindsay would sometimes look after their pet dog when they were too busy.

Lindsay opened the door with a curious look, then her eyes brightened when she saw Mikayla. “Locked out? Let me guess, Ashley’s pulling a night shift?”

Mikayla gave a frustrated nod, “Yep, and the super’s not picking up. Can I hang out here for a bit? The hallway’s kinda cold and boring.”

Lindsay laughed, “Of course! Why don’t we make it a mini get-together? I’ve got some ingredients for a nice dinner. How does that sound?”

Mikayla’s face lit up with relief. “That’s so kind of you. Thank you, Lindsay.”

The two went inside, and Mikayla placed her phone and earbuds on a small table. She looked around, appreciating Lindsay’s cozy apartment. There were pictures everywhere – of family, friends, and what looked like old college memories.

Mikayla and Ashley were only in their second year of college. They had moved to this apartment a few months ago to be closer to the school and to avoid the noisy dorm life. It was much quieter, and they had met Lindsay, who quickly became a friend. She was always there when they needed advice or just a friendly chat. And even though Mikayla and Ashley were both under 21, Lindsay would sometimes surprise them with a bottle of wine or some fun drinks to share on movie nights.

Lindsay pointed to Mikayla’s workout clothes, “Looks like you had quite the workout! Thirsty?”

Mikayla nodded, “Yes, please. I tried to finish a 5K run today.”

Lindsay handed her a glass of water. “You look like you could use a relaxing shower.”

Mikayla hesitated, thinking of her sweaty clothes. “Well, maybe. But I don’t have any extra clothes with me.”

Lindsay smiled, “No worries, I have some old T-shirts and shorts. You can borrow them. Feel at home.”

Feeling grateful, Mikayla agreed, “Thanks, Lindsay. That’s really nice of you.”

While Mikayla went to freshen up, Lindsay decided to make dinner. She remembered a simple chicken ramen recipe she had tried a few days ago. She got all the ingredients out and started to prepare. But then she realized she forgot to give Mikayla a towel.

Grabbing a clean one from the laundry basket, Lindsay knocked lightly on the bathroom door. “Mikayla, I brought you a towel!”

Mikayla’s voice came muffled from behind the door, “Oh, thanks! Just put it by the sink.”

Lindsay set the towel down and accidentally saw Mikayla’s silhouette behind the frosted shower door. She quickly turned away, her cheeks going red. It was unexpected, and Lindsay felt a bit embarrassed.

Mikayla was about the same height as Lindsay but she had smaller breast and a smaller build overall. Mikayla had long legs though and long blonde hair with blue eyes and freckles on her nose and cheeks. She was looking up at the shower head letting water run and hit her face as she stretched her arms above her showing her abs from the side. Mikayla had been working on her tan and there was not a tan line in sight. Lindsay took in the moment, and felt multiple emotions all at once.

Lindsay quickly turned away and left the bathroom and hurried back to the kitchen. She was embarrassed she had looked at Mikayla. But at the same time it was oddly satisfying. Lindsay felt both wrong but quickly realized she was turned on too.

“WHY THE HELL AM I TURNED ON?!” She thought to herself. But she soon answered that question as she thought of Mikayla’s naked body. Lindsay felt both ashamed and horny. It had been a very long time since she had seen someone naked and it had been a really long time since someone had made her that turned on that quickly.

“Am I a lesbian? Maybe bisexual?” She thought. She convinced herself that the answer was ‘no’. She wasn’t gay. She had just not had sex in a while and had not seen someone naked for even longer. It was simply reacting to seeing nudity that made her respond the way she did. With that she took a deep breath and returned to working on dinner. She did this fully recognizing and ignoring the fact that her pussy had quickly gotten wet upon seeing Mikayla naked and that it was still wet as she made dinner.

Shaking off the awkwardness, Lindsay went back to the kitchen to finish preparing the meal. The aroma of the ramen filled the apartment. Soon, they’d sit down, share a meal, and maybe even watch a movie.

This unexpected evening reminded both of them about the power of kindness and how even small gestures could brighten someone’s day. Sometimes, life’s little hiccups, like getting locked out, could lead to a fun, unplanned evening with a friend. And as they shared stories and laughter, they both felt grateful for the unexpected turn the day had taken.